To avoid unsafe mass gatherings, we will not hold this year's BernRR Picnic

We hope to be able to meet again in 2021.
Hopefully an effective vaccine will be available by then

We are Berner fanciers who invite friends to their outings for no other reason than to be together with our dogs

No membership, no dues, no commitments, not even the requirement to own a Berner. We welcome anyone to join us.
Our current and future whereabouts are listed on the Calendar.

Please enjoy our site. And if you like what you see and want to join us in our walks, by all means send BMDGNY an email.

BMDGNY is for:

  • sharing friendship and pictures of our meets
  • helping one another
  • disseminating news and information about dog related topics

Please note that BMDGNY is not for profit and does not endorse any commercial entities.

Visit our Calendar page for info on our outings

Some of our Activities

Ferry Trip to Port Jefferson

Last day on Playland Beach before it closed for the season.

Pictures from our Drafting Workshop and other drafting Berners

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